IMG_5448Teaching children the skills they need now and down the road through creativity and understanding is my strength. My experience in and out of the classroom has led me to focus on my passion– working with children with special needs. My perseverance and curiosity serve me well in elucidating the most effective means of empowering a child to use his or her strengths to overcome challenges.

Since 2007, I have been teaching students with various speech and language impairments, ADHD, Autism, executive functioning challenges, anxiety disorders, developmental delays, and learning disabilities. A prime responsibility of my role is to differentiate academic, behavioral, and emotional expectations for each child while maintaining meaningful instruction. Balancing these components, although challenging, is the best part of my work. Over the years, the child’s developing self-motivation and feeling of being understood have been critical for student success. I am a graduate of New York University’s Childhood Education and Special Education dual Master’s program. I have been teaching for seven years, six of which were spent at The Parkside School, the premier school for speech and language impairments in New York City. Fluency with task-analysis, executive functioning skills, and understanding each child’s perspective of the world has prepared me to work with children and their families in the New York City metropolitan area. Outside of teaching, I work with students on essay writing skills for college applications and honors society admittance.

I have experience working a wide range of children, from kindergarten through high school. I am a passionate writer whose inspiration stems from my love of language and my undergraduate work in English literature and linguistics. My nerdy knowledge of English grammar and usage contributes to my successful teaching of writing and editing.

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Please check out the blog my colleagues and I started for reflection, inspiration, and to express our general love for teaching exceptional children. You can learn more about the contributors here: Jess DurrettKatie Bassett, Jennifer Reid, Katherine Parker, Anthony Lisi, and Caitlin Mandy

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