Engaging Active and Creative Children Indoors

Great things can come from exploring items that are new (or seem new) for children.

Here are a few of my ideas, and you and your child will come up with more. What’s great is that they’ll be occupied for a bit while you work from home. Teachers, you can make some of these open ended assignments to see what children can create!

Using a roll of masking tape:

Hopscotch with Tape- It’s cleaner than chalk and can be on any type of floor!

Tape Maze- Practice visual planning, tracking, and balance by taping a maze on the floor.

Building a fort:

Lifting pillows and cushions is an organizing activity for children, and they’ll be calmer when they have the opportunity for heavy lifting. Get out a few blankets, and let your children build! If you have a flashlight, it can turn into a secluded space to read books or build with Legos.

Selecting new toys for the bath:

Bath toys don’t need to be labeled bath toys! You can teach your child how to select toys that are bath friendly, and then bath time can be engaging for longer. Think Legos, plastic animals, etc.

Doing the dishes by hand:

Fill the sink with bubble water and let your child help do the dishes. You can hide surprises in the water to make it even more fun! But really, the bubbles are enough.

Reusing materials:

Did you ever notice that boxes are more interesting to children than what’s inside? Collect clean recyclables in a basket and let your child build something from it. Think of the possibilities!


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