The Slump is Here

Every year of teaching, November comes, and the slump begins. Conferences are coming up with reports around the corner. There’s tension in the air at school and nothing ever seems to be done. The to-do list grows faster than I can even begin to tackle the items. The crazy thing is that it happens every year- you’d think that after being a teacher for a while, that we would find ways to even out the slump, but that’s just not the case. As a classroom teacher, this was always the time of year I’d ask myself why I teach… then it would get better.  
One of the ways I incidentally combated the slump this year was setting up the iPad Program and disbursing the iPads. This project was huge to set up, and it’s only growing! I read so much about setting them up, observed at another school, wrote policies, gave teachers introductions to the system, and nervously put them into teachers’ hands. Seeing the excitement on their faces when they got the devices was definitely worth the work I put into it, and it’s given me fuel to keep going. I hope it helped with their slumps.
Even this blog post is therapeutic—I’m following through with my resolution to write once a week, and it feels great to get it done. I suppose taking the time to do things for myself is really what I need to keep in mind during these next few weeks.

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